Integrated Street Combatives

ISC is an eclectic style of self-protection which covers the following ranges of combat:

  1. Psychological range
  2. Ballistic ground fighting range
  3. Stand up grappling range
  4. Punching range
  5. Kicking range
  6. Weapons range (gun, knife, baton, O.C.)

Why the name Integrated Street Combatives ( ISC)?

At ISC we combine a variety of mixed martial arts and integrate them to create a system that is effective and efficient in a real life confrontation.

What makes ISC different?

Unlike many mixed martial arts that focus on the physical aspects of fighting, we provide you with the fundamental skills on how to prevent a physical confrontation from occurring in the first place. Participants are provided prevention strategies on how to prevent, and/or avoid, a stranger on stranger attack. We then educate students on how to de-escalate a confrontation using verbal communication. If you can walk and talk your way out of a physical fight, high five, you’re doing a good job. The second you go hands on with someone your risk of injury sky rockets. We provide you with the necessary skills to de-escalate conflict and seek safety without going hands on.

Reality: There are times that, no matter how much you walk and talk, some interactions will go hands on. If you can not walk and talk your way out of a confrontation we provide you with the fundamental physical skills to de-escalate the situation and end the fight quickly.

Legal Aspects: Unlike most mixed martial arts that focus solely on the physical skills, we educate participants on threat perception, the criminal code, and how you articulate yourself; what you did, how you did it, and why you did it.

The Level 1 Beginner Program- “The Juniors”

Junior” has nothing to do with age but more so introduction to the material.

Topics covered in this 8-hour class include:

  • Criminal Code of Canada, Threat Perception, Pre-Assaultive Cues
  • Combative theory and mindset development
  • Combative Fitness
  • Pre-contact psychology
  • Non-verbal, verbal Communication strategies
  • Strikes/ Stuns
  • Kicks
  • Combative movement drills
  • Alternative body strikes/Attacks

Upon successful completion participants receive a certificate and have fulfilled the pre-requisite to attend the “Senior” seminars.

SEPTEMBER SPECIALAs this is a pilot we will be offering a discounted rate of $150 + GST/ 8 Hour Junior Seminar.

The Senior Program

The Level 1 Beginner program is the foundation of ISC. Advanced tactics are nothing more than the basics mastered. Upon attending the Senior Seminars, students build on the skills they have learned in the Beginner Program and implement them in diverse applications including:

  • Multiple opponents
  • Weapons: edged weapons, firearms, blunt impact weapons, bats
  • Scenario based Force on Force training
  • Ballistic ground fighting
  • Break contact drills that we call CRASH (Combative Responses Against Spontaneous Hostility) chokes, grabs, bear hugs
  • Combative throws
  • Senior Program Seminars are skill specific. The 8 hour seminars focus solely on a specific skill and/or range of combat. Eg. Edged Weapons.

Cost: $200+GST/ 8 Hour Senior Seminar


Your instructors:

Instructors: Peter Gill and Kris Greffard

  • SEEK Safety
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Situational Awareness
  • Advantages of Being a Woman
  • Strike 1st Principle
  • Using Fear to Your Advantage
  • Basic Strikes
  • Wrist Grabs
  • Escape from a choke

Instinct Training is proud to partner with Sheepdog Self Protection  in the delivery of this course.

portrait photo of Kris Greffard

Age Restriction: Participants must be 18+, 16+ if attending with a Parent/ Guardian

Physical Ability: This course is physically demanding. Although all fitness levels are welcome, know that we will push you to your potential.

Contact: Participants will work with ALL participants in attendance. This is done with intention to expose you to different people of different shapes and sizes.

Safety Gear: Participants are required to have a jock (men)/ jill (women) and a mouth guard (fitted prior to attendance). Failing to attend with this equipment will deny your participation with NO REFUND.

Class Size: Maximum 24 Participants.

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