Predator Defence Training Course

This course is currently only available for private groups, or government/corporate clients. Please contact us for more information.

This intensive, dynamic, two-day training course is designed to equip government personnel, and other professionals, with the fundamental knowledge and skills to deal with predatory wildlife, including to safely handle, carry, and use a non-restricted firearm for the purposes of predator defence in the course of their duties.


Topics include

  • Animal Identification and Behaviour Assessment
  • Animal Interaction - Preventative Measures and Avoidance
  • Animal Interaction - Non-lethal Options
  • Animal Interaction - Lethal Options, Safety Considerations
  • Firearms Safety (review of CFSC rules and practical application)
  • Firearms Operation including loading, unloading, malfunctions, troubleshooting, basic
  • Shooting Techniques, Target Engagement, Body Positions, Movement
  • Shooting Under Stress
Predator Defense. Picture of a bear running at you.


Appropriate professional credentials (e.g. CCG, LE, DFO, COS etc.), and successful completion of a recognized Firearms Safety Course or a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL).


Please note

This is a high pressure, physical course designed to elevate the stress levels of participants to effectively simulate real world predator encounters.



These courses are run on demand - Please contact us for availability and a quote.


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