CORE Hunter Education

In order to hunt in BC, you must successfully complete the CORE (Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education) Tests. We offer CORE tests regularly at our Training Centre in Metchosin. Once you have passed the tests, you will be able to apply for a CORE certificate and then obtain a FWID (Fish & Wildlife I.D.) to purchase hunting licences.

There are a few options you can use to prepare for the CORE tests:

In-person CORE Course - We typically offer the in-person once or twice per year, please see below for course dates and availability.

Online CORE Course - The online course is available here and this tends to be the most popular option for most people because you can do it at home at your own pace and convenience.

Self Study - You can opt to do some self study by using the free resources from our friends at BC Firearms Academy (BC Firearms Academy Free Quizzes), and studying the BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis. You could also order a copy of the CORE Manual here.

Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education. Picture of a mal deer in the forest.

When you have completed the online course, or if you choose to do self study, you can then arrange to challenge the tests with us whenever you’re ready. Please see below for CORE test dates and availability.

The CORE Test consists of two parts:

  • written test consisting of 80 multiple choice questions which cover various topics including Conservation, Ethics, Firearms Safety, Outdoor Safety, First Aid, Rules & Regulations, Indigenous Hunting Rights, Animal & Bird Identification.
  • practical test where participants must be able to demonstrate the safe handling, loading and unloading of various non-restricted firearms actions. Please be sure that you are competent and confident in handling the following firearm action types using the ACTS and PROVE methodology: break action, bolt action, pump action, lever action, semi-automatic action.

    Practical test exemption: If you can prove that you have already successfully completed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (non-restricted) you will be exempt from the practical test. PLEASE NOTE: In order to be exempt, you must bring a clear, legible copy of RCMP Course Report (non-restricted) Form 5484e. Possession of a PAL and/or proof of passing the CRFSC (restricted) is NOT sufficient to exempt you from the practical test.

Upcoming CORE Courses

These courses include the test.

Cost: $195+GST per person

Sorry, we couldn't find any scheduled courses.

Upcoming CORE Tests

Just the test, for those who do an online course or self-study.

Cost: $35+GST per person per attempt

⇒ Sun, July 21: CORE Test
⇒ Sun, July 28: CORE Test
⇒ Sun, August 4: CORE Test
⇒ Sun, August 11: CORE Test
⇒ Sun, August 18: CORE Test
⇒ Sun, August 25: CORE Test
⇒ Sun, September 1: CORE Test
⇒ Sun, September 8: CORE Test

Please note

All participants must bring government-issued photo I.D. to the course.

Please do not bring any firearms or ammunition.

The course is open to everyone aged 10 years and older. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and will not be eligible to sit the restricted exams.


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