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Do you have an industrial facility, ocean-going vessel, or even a home that is at elevated risk of hijack/piracy, fire, bomb threats, remote medical emergency, or other adverse situation?

Are you planning an event or excursion in a remote or dangerous area?


Our team has extensive experience operating all over the world in the Military, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical, and Private Security industries.

We are able to provide operational personnel, and advisory consultations in a variety of fields, including the following:


Risk & Threat Management

Our specialist personnel will thoroughly review and analyze your situation and infrastructure, then we will work with you to create appropriate Safety/Security Measures and Standard Operating Procedures, and source all the necessary resources - including intelligence, personnel, and equipment - to make sure that you have all bases covered in mitigating all risk, and preparing for all threats.


Pressure Testing

Our team will physically assess your infrastructure, Safety/Security Measures, and Standard Operating Procedures by applying a relevant pressure test, such as simulated pirate incursion, emergency medical event, fire or other threat.

These pressure testing simulations utilize high quality effects and role-players in order to realistically emulate real-world events.

All pressure testing events will be followed by a personnel debrief and a detailed written report containing recommendations and support to ensure that you can be as prepared, safe, and secure as possible.


Close Protection

We specialize in providing close protection to Executives, VIPs, and anyone who may be exposed to elevated levels of risk.

Our experienced, highly skilled operatives will ensure a client’s complete comfort and safety whilst keeping schedule disruption and our observable profile to a minimum.

Each Close Protection package is based on a thorough intelligence analysis, and operations are tailored to specific circumstances and client requirements. Packages are available worldwide.


Maritime Security & Anti-piracy Measures

Our team of experienced, highly skilled operatives will ensure the complete safety of your vessel, crew, and guests, whilst minimizing disruption to vessel operations as you navigate today’s dangerous waters.

Each Maritime Security package is based on a thorough intelligence analysis, and operations are tailored to specific circumstances and client requirements. We can cater packages to be low-profile, or to be a highly visible piracy deterrent. Packages are available worldwide.


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