BLS (Basic Life Support) re-certification

This is a recertification course only. In order to be eligible for a recertification, all participants must still have a valid certificate. All participants MUST bring a copy of their currently certification to this course. If your certificate is expired, even by only one day, the system will not allow a recertification to be processed, and you will need to retake the entire course.


Please note:

  • All participants must bring government-issued photo I.D. to the course.
  • This course requires practicing and evaluating hands-on skills with other people. All participants will be wearing masks and gloves. If you are not comfortable with this level of interaction, please consider signing up with a partner from your bubble, or not registering for this course.
  • This course requires some bending, kneeling and physical contact with other people, so please dress appropriately.

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