Active Shooter Response Training (ASRT) Course

This course is currently only available for private groups, or government/corporate clients. Please contact us for more information.

This intensive, dynamic, two-day training course is designed to equip First Responders with fundamental knowledge and skills to safely and effectively respond to an active shooter situation, or other high threat / high risk situations. The course includes 8.5 CME Credits as approved by the EMALB.

Topics include

  • Weapon-handling Fundamentals
  • Force-on-Force Training Scenarios
  • Tactical EMS Principies
  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Situational Awareness & Mindset
  • Assailant Psychology
  • Legal Considerations & Inter-agency Cooperation
Active Shooter Response Training. Picture of two men carrying an injured woman across a room.


Appropriate professional credentials (Firefighter, EMS, LE, Security etc.), and successful completion of a recognized First Aid / Emergency Medical Program including basic trauma management.


Please note

This course is deliberately designed to significantly elevate participant stress levels. All participants must therefore adhere to strict safety procedures, display professional behaviour, work effectively with team members and have an appropriate standard of physical fitness and mental resiliency.



These courses are run on demand - Please contact us for availability and a quote.


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